Minimalist Fashion Inspiration

Last week, I had the pleasure and good fortune to work on a new editorial with a wonderful team. It was so much fun to be surrounded by such creative people. The photographer, Mandy, found this awesome spot in Culver City. It was the perfect setting for the minimalist looks we had put together with pieces from the site. I hope these can serve as some fun minimalist style inspiration for you.


One of my biggest inspirations and muses is my sister, Carolina. Since she was teeny tiny, she was so fashion forward and experimental. To me, she will always be an It Girl because she can pull off the most incredible outfits. From grungy to sophisticated, she just knows how to make any style look cool.

Q&A: LA Designer Nicolette Mishkan

For those of you who have been following Via Los Angeles, you already know that Mishkan is a brand that we have carried since the beginning of 2015. While our last few Q&As have all been with the creators of our latest additions, I couldn't resist interviewing Nicolette Mishkan, the designer behind those sexy-but-sophisticated strappy swimsuits.

Q&A: Designer Yasmine Farimani

Two weeks ago, I excitedly wrote about a new label that we would be carrying on Via Los Angeles. Today, Saul by Yasmine Farimani is finally being launched!!! Saul is the kind of brand I have been wishing to stumble upon in my searches. So when it crossed my path, I had to know more. Beyond design, this brand has an incredible story and is doing its part to make the fashion industry more sustainable. 

Q&A: Moon Nectar Apothecary's Allison Kaylor

Here's the story: Girl goes on travels. Girl gets inspired by local cultures. Girl learns about plant medicine and natural remedies. Girls starts experimenting in her kitchen -- and just like that, girl creates a line of body and home products inspired by ancient practices. She names it Moon Nectar Apothecary.

It's Paleta Time!

100 degrees on the thermostat? Enough. It’s paleta time. Not the kind from a truck or the supermarket fridge. Forget neon colors and ingredients created in a chemist’s laboratory. We prefer icy treats made with natural ingredients, creativity and maybe even a little love.