Inspired By Celine

Happy Friday!

Daniela, here! :) I am so happy that it is Friday. It’s my favorite day of the week mostly because of the anticipation for the weekend. I find the anticipation for something to happen (like a vacation) is almost as good as the thing itself.

For this post, I was inspired by a Celine ad my sister showed me. By no means do I think these photos are in that realm, but it was my inspiration nonetheless.

I am wearing the Infinite Youth Essential Summer Dress in Ivory, available here, $70. I love this dress because it is SO soft and you can just put it on with some sandals or white converse, a few bracelets and you are good to go. Even though summer is supposedly “over,” it’s still hotter than hell in LA. Besides, I would definitely wear this with boots when the weather cools down too.