The Dance Doctor Will Revive Your Moves

Neon signs and disco balls. Mirrored walls and framed photos of celebrity clients. Hiding on 4th Street in Santa Monica is John Cassese's dance studio, The Dance Doctor. It's reminiscent of all your favorite New York dance films: Fame, West Side Story, Saturday Night Fever. The studio's ambiance takes you to a different time and place. And maybe that's exactly what you need to loosen up and take the first step in the door. We know you've passed by those huge glass windows and saw the people dancing inside…If only you could get up the courage -- 

Click click click

That's the sound of your shoes starting to tap. Go with it, baby!

For those of you who want private dance classes, for a wedding or other important event, you can learn directly from John. Don't worry about your hesitant husband. John is a newbie's dream and takes great care to make sure his clients are ready and confident for the dance floor.

The Dance Doctor

1440 4th St
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 459-2264