Q&A: Designer Yasmine Farimani

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Two weeks ago, I excitedly wrote about a new label that we would be carrying on Via Los Angeles. Today, Saul by Yasmine Farimani is finally being launched!!! Saul is the kind of brand I have been wishing to stumble upon in my searches. So when it crossed my path, I had to know more. Beyond design, this brand has an incredible story and is doing its part to make the fashion industry more sustainable. 

Please let me introduce you to Yasmine Farimani, the creator of Saul. Get to know her inspiration, her story and how she has created such a unique, locally-made collection.

You didn't initially have a huge background in fashion. How did you decide to start Saul?
I'd always known that I wanted to end up in the fashion industry. Once finished with school, I had had more than enough of academia and dove straight into a more creative line of work. My Mum worked in the fashion industry so I’ve always had that influence around me. I had explored some other avenues first such as a T-shirt collection in my teenage years and a denim collection not too long ago. In the end, my heart wasn’t in either project and I wasn’t ready to push them far enough for anything to come of them. Launching Saul felt right because it truly embodies my style philosophy.
What is the story behind your latest collection? What were your inspirations?
I’m very drawn to those classic European style wardrobe staples which, for whatever reason, are impossible to find in Los Angeles. So I made it my mission to launch a collection that focused on those. I looked through old Celine and Jil Sander photo archives for inspiration, but I had a pretty good idea of exactly what I wanted to do.

When did you realize you wanted your line to be sustainable and made in LA?
Before I started Saul, I experimented with manufacturing clothing in China and Pakistan.  I quickly realized that while it was more cost efficient to go down the Made in China path, it was extremely debilitating, impersonal, and my passion for the whole project dwindled because I was sitting at home thousands of miles away. It was an important lesson for me; the only way this would work is if I could make the garments locally with a very hands on approach. With regard to the sustainability, it wasn’t something I had ever considered when Saul was being conceptualized. However, I became friends with a girl who works in this amazing fabric store. They carry reams of vintage fabrics that are unparalleled in beauty and quality. At that moment I knew I’d be insane to use anything but these; they are what makes Saul so unique. I combined this with a small batch production method and ipso facto, a sustainable line was born.
How would you describe your own personal style?
Simple...in the good sense.
How would you describe the type of woman who wears Saul?
I think of her as being an independent professional with a city mentality, classic and effortless sense of style, and a lot going on. She’s the kind of woman that works her ass off and then goes straight from work to meet her friends for dinner and drinks. She’s a sophisticated gal!

Do you have a place in LA that you go to for inspiration?
A lot of my inspiration comes to me whilst driving. It can be incredibly distracting, and I sometimes pull over to sketch something onto the back of a receipt, just so I won’t forget it. 

What music you currently listening to?
I’m currently listening to Loveless by My Bloody Valentine. The album came up on shuffle while I was driving the other day and I’ve had it on repeat ever since.  I’ve also been obsessing over the new Justin Bieber album, although I’m not sure that I should be admitting that. 

What is your favorite place in LA?
I would say that my favorite place in LA is The Last Bookstore. There are books everywhere, old and new, and cool installations such as a book tunnel, furniture made of books, and color-coded bookshelves. You could easily spend hours in there. It might sound boring to some but for me it’s a dream.