A Retro Hotel For Dining Like A Movie Star

It's the 1950's and you're a star on the silver screen. Everyone you know is mingling at The Polo Lounge but you need to get away from the crowd. You told your friends you have to stay at home and read a script. The whisper on everyone's lips is that you just had "work" done. But truly, you are having a wild affair with your costar. What a scandal! Your perfect, inconspicuous locale for a lovers' rendezvous is at a retro hotel. It is nestled discreetly between palm trees on a residential corner of Beverly Hills. It is Oliverio at The Avalon Hotel.

The air here is undeniably glamourous. The valet waits outside to take your keys and park your car. Head inside through sliding glass doors and you are taken back to the California of The Golden Age. If only Marilyn had known about this place when she wanted to get away. Cuddle close in a private cabana by the pool. Order a cocktail from the bar, cauliflower souffle from your kind waiter, and you are feeling absolutely decadent. A kiss under the stars is all that is left to do...

Unless, of course, at the end of the night, you want to get a room.

Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills

9400 W Olympic Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 277-5221