Bay Cities Italian Deli

What is one sure way to turn laid back Angelinos into stereotypical, pushy New Yorkers? A really good sandwich. People pack into the parking lot of Bay Cities in Santa Monica, grab a number at the deli and anxiously wait to be helped. Stay alert and don't wander off or you will miss your turn. Once the warm package is handed to you, explore aisles of imported delicacies before heading towards the outdoor tables basking in the Santa Monica sunshine. Busiest times are lunchtime on weekdays and weekends. Here are our top favorites: From the deli: Eggplant parmesan.

From the bakery: Warm homemade tomato and garlic bread.

Juice: Looza in peach, apricot or mango.

Dessert: Gelatti and sorbetti by Bindi.

For the holidays: Mini Pandoro to hang on the Christmas tree.

Unusual: Mate gourds.

Sandwich: All and any.

Photo credit: @found_la