Kenter Coaster

There is a hidden roller coaster in Brentwood. You don't have to be at least 4' tall to ride, no...but you will want to bring your helmet, your very best biking skills and a little bit of bravery. The Kenter Coaster (also known as The Kenter Whoops) is an advanced, mile-long biking trailer of 140 downhill whoop-de-doos. You can jump the bumps or simply ride them, whatever gives you the desired thrill. Beware "The Big Gully Jump," a 5-foot deep jump that is definitely not for beginners.

Note: The access gate at the top of Kenter closes at 8pm sharp.

Directions from the 405 FWY:

Take Sunset Boulevard going west until Kenter Avenue. Turn right (north) on Kenter, and follow it all the way up to the gate. Park your car and go through the gate, up to the top of the paved hill, descend about 10 yards, take the singletrack to the right. After cresting another small hill, descend to the open area, which is the bottom of the Coaster. Take the hill to the right up until it flattens on top of the ridge. Look left and you will see the entrance to the Coaster.

Please note: Outdoor mountain bike trails are dangerous after dark and it will take a few minutes to get back to the gate before closing.