Malibu Cafe at Calamigos Ranch

"Whimsical" and "elegant" typically aren't the words you would use to describe a restaurant inspired by the cowboy lifestyle, but imagine what that would be like... A sunny day or a warm evening. Open fields of fresh cut grass. The view over a tranquil pond. Wooden bridges crossing a stream. A friendly old hound sniffing around without a leash. Chandeliers hanging in trees over a billiard tables. And then there is you. You sitting down without a care in the world.

Get away from the city for half a day. A 45-minute drive will take you to Agoura. Hidden within it's hills is the Calamigos Ranch, home of Malibu Cafe. Enjoy lunch at their umbrella-shaded tables on the grass or in a private cabana. They coined the phrase Nouveau Barbecue to describe their cuisine. Next, join the ducks by hoping onto a complimentary pedalo ride. Then welcome the evening while sitting by a fire pit under the stars. Your only dilemma: to wear your panama or cowgirl hat?

The Malibu Cafe

327 Latigo Canyon Rd
Malibu, CA 90265
(818) 540-2400