The Gardens at The Huntington Library

If your imagination is feeling a bit rusty from lack of use, we understand. The day-to-day calls of life can get you stuck in the same routine. You need a vacation, a retreat, to nourish your soul and creativity. We propose a day at the botanical gardens at The Huntington Library. A walk through the gardens is a walk through the world of your daydreams. Let the pure beauty of your surroundings sweep you off your feet. The Desert Garden is full of succulents, those cacti that pricked the famous bottoms of Wile E. Coyote and your favorite cowboys. If your daydreams consist of swinging across rainforest canopies, it's worth a visit to the Jungle Garden. Lovers of Jane Austen will want to get lost between the Rose, Sculpture and Shakespeare Gardens among statues, fountains and hidden benches. You won't be able to stop yourself from wishing that your backyard had been the Japanese Garden, with it's koi pond and moon bridge, back when you were training to become a ninja...

And if you could go on these whimsical adventures with someone today, who would it be? That is the person to bring along on this romantic journey.

The Huntington Library
1151 Oxford Rd
San Marino, CA 91108
(626) 405-2100