The Vegan Cheese Man

Words that should never leave a vegan's mouth: Asiago. Mozzarella. Gorgonzola. Just uttering the syllables would be a temptation unto itself. Memories of soft, creamy and nutty deliciousness come rushing to their minds. 94% of vegans agree that the one thing they miss, despite an undying devotion to their noble cause, is cheese.

Who can blame them? Decent substitutes are difficult to find. What's worse? While the rest of us have been basking in fantasies of the French countryside with our brie and glasses of wine, they are left trying to remember passages from Fast Food Nation.

And yet...

Five years ago, Chef Youssef turned his kitchen into a laboratory. He gave up cheese himself and began experimenting. Nuts, seeds, spices, herbs. He was passionate, meticulous and uncompromising. He knew that he wanted to open a shop but wouldn't do it until the time was right. In the end, he created 17 different types of artisanal, dairy and soy-free cheeses.

Today, Chef Youssef's vegan cheese shop, Vromage, sits hidden on Sunset Boulevard. He welcomes you with a huge smile, and generously offers you fresh samples. Order one of his sandwiches on baguette, sprinkled with olive oil or do a tasting with friends around the table. Vegans, you've waited for your French fantasy long enough.


7988 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(917) 450-0855