Aenon's Lotus and Hibiscus Face Oil

Aenon's Lotus and Hibiscus Face Oil



  • A lightweight, fast-absorbing facial oil formulated with a blend of natural plant and essential oils, infused organic botanicals and fruit extracts. This deeply nourishing oil hydrates and replenishes, leaving skin smoother and more supple. Use a few drops before bed and you’ll wake up to find your skin transformed and looking radiant.

    Suitable for dry, mature, or sensitive skin types.

    Available in a 1 oz glass bottle with dropper.

Ingredient Highlight:

  • Argan Nut Oil: Authentic, pure argan oil is produced in Morocco by a labor-intensive method where women, who work in fair-trade cooperatives, hand-extract it from the kernels of the argan tree. High in vitamin E and fatty acids, it’s an ideal skin hydrator and anti-aging agent.
  • Lotus Leaf: Lotus leaves have been used by Ayurvedic practitioners for centuries for its cooling and soothing properties. It’s often incorporated in modern skin care formulations to improve skin’s texture.
  • Hibiscus Flower: Nicknamed the “Botox plant,” Hibiscus has the ability to lift and firm skin naturally. Used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic practices, Hibiscus has a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate skin, encouraging quick cell turnover and regeneration. It also contains anti-oxidant properties that helps maintain skin’s elasticity and combat wrinkles.

How To Use:

  • Apply three to five drops onto palm or fingertips. Gently massage oil into your skin. Be extra gentle around the eye area – do not tug on skin. Best used within 6-8 months after opening.
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