A Lot To Say at Fred Segal

Waste less. Say more. That's the bottom line when it comes to a greener lifestyle. Act first, then spread the word. You can do it all at your one-stop shop, A Lot To Say at Fred Segal, Santa Monica.

A Lot To Say makes apparel, items for the home, tech and pet accessories out of 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles by breaking them down and turning them into various fabrics (sounds kind of like magic, but it's not). Each item comes in a variety of awareness spreading messages. Our favorite? The super soft Lala Beach Blanket.

Facts from A Lot To Say at Fred Segal:

Just one single tee saves over 60 bottles from going to landfill.

In addition, we use an exclusive No Water Dye Technology. (One traditional cotton tee takes over 700 gallons of fresh water to create).

The combination of this technology means every item is 100% Toxin-Free, wears up to 6 times longer and will never return to landfill.