A Secret Dinner In A Tiny Cheese Shop

Here, you may not know the person to your left...nor the one to your right. Shy smiles are exchanged. They will become your friends within the next two hours though. That is because you share the same indisputable obsession. What brings a group of strangers to this tiny shop after hours? It's the love of cheese. The concept: to gather together for an intimate grilled cheese and beer tasting night that is educational and unpretentious. The evening is brought to you by Andrew Steiner, Santa Monica's famous cheese shop owner and connoisseur.

The lights are dimmed and the walls are shelved with bottles of wine. You sit family-style at a long, candlelit table. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming.

Breads are perfectly toasted, topped with creamy and nutty bits of heaven. Over the course of the evening, 4 different grilled cheese and beer combinations will parade across the dinner table.  Andrew introduces each pairing and answers all your questions. He can tell you about the creation of certain cheeses that sound more like children's fables than actual history.

Andrew only hosts these nights once or twice a month and sell out quickly. To be the first to know, you must sign up for his newsletter on his website. But please, save a little room. He wouldn't let you leave without a little dessert.