A Very LA Coffee Shop

The three most common cups of coffee in Los Angeles: 1. Joe: made in an old, stained coffee maker in the office corner. Underwhelming. 2. The soy latte served by a hipster barista. Comes with an upturned nose and a plunge in your self esteem. Worth the Instagram photo? Questionable. 3. A frozen mocha with whipped cream that makes up your daily calorie allowance. Hit the gym.

Ugh! Where is the excitement? The comfort? The appreciation for the elegance behind a cup of coffee?

It's all there at LO/CAL Coffee Shop and Market on Pico. Here, everything is done with a passion for coffee and a love for Los Angeles. Their coffee beans are roasted downtown. Jonel and his team of baristas are coffee aficionados but without an once of pretentiousness. They will explain the intricacies behind your espresso with enthusiasm and ignite a fascination within you. Then there is the market -- a collection of LA favorites: cold pressed juices, almond waters...all locally-made by small businesses that are handpicked by Jonel. He even gets the pastries from down the street. What else are you looking for? Oh, it's super Instagram-able.

So order your honey latte, your nitro or just your classic Americano and have a seat under the mural of the California flag. Time to catapult that deliciousness onto your palate.