Amir's Secret Garden

In a secret garden, think of all the whispers that the flowers overhear. Quiet wishes, private thoughts and I love you's. High on a mountain top in Griffith Park, with views of the city and park below, Amir Dialameh planted an oasis where the wildlife can listen to your confessions. After the fire in 1973, he diligently worked for 32 years, first bringing in trees, then hand-planting flowers. With time, it grew into the lush sanctuary it is today. And they called it Amir's Garden.

Today, Amir's Garden is kept up by volunteers. You can bring a lunch and sit at one of the secluded picnic tables or explore a path to find the perfect bench. When you get there, what secrets will you tell?

Railings have been made from wrapping tree branches. For easy-moderate hiking, take the paved fire road. For more of a challenge, take the steps.