Belwood Bakery Cafe

A typical morning for a Brentwood habitant is just like that of anyone else. Wake up, drag yourself out of bed, shower and rush out of the house. Except for one thing. Mornings must include a stop at Belwood Bakery on the way to school or work. It's a small luxury and a secret Brentwood tradition. Mention Belwood and locals will laughingly admit that it is a guilty temptation which they cannot resist. The smell of freshly baked goods at this family-owned shop flows from the Glen to 26th, enticing neighbors to gather at Barrington Court and wait in line for a chocolate croissant. Or an apple tart. Or possibly, a fresh baguette and a coffee... better to just take it all!

At lunch, it's time for a second round of hungry customers. During the school year, Archer girls come by for a sandwich and a colorful macaron or two, then sit at the cafe tables outside to take in a little sunshine.

Unofficially, Belwood is responsible for teaching all of Brentwood the definition of a ciabatta roll. Pronounced cha-bah-tah.