Best of 2014

This was a great year! You worked out 4 times a week. You ate all organic and non-processed foods. You stopped stalking your ex on Facebook. Oh, maybe that wasn't you... You did complete one resolution though. The most important one of all: to enjoy life.

So let's close the year with a trip down memory lane. We present to you some of the best of 2014.

You and your friends laughed so hard your cheeks hurt. You enjoyed peaceful, quiet moments. You time travelled to Beverly Hills during Hollywood's Golden Age. Delicious hidden gems made you feel like you were in Italy. And in the French countryside. You got downtown in 30 minutes during rush hour by crossing Los Angeles underground. You trail blazed with the city skyline in view. You found your new,favorite online store and didn't go broke when you bought those new Valentino's.

Together, we explored Los Angeles in search of all the little pleasures that the city has to offer. We have to thank you for letting us be your guide.

We want to wish you a Happy New Year... an upcoming year full of joy, health, prosperity and, of course, new experiences and exciting discoveries. We have so many new treasures to share with you. Here's to 2015!