Figaro Bistro

It's not quite midnight, and you are yearning for a night of debauchery in Paris. Paris in the 1920's to be exact. Unfortunately, the chances of a time-traveling Peugeot Type 176 appearing to take you there are slim. Madames et monsieurs, Figaro Bistro will kindly do the trick. At the bar, you can easily imagine clinking glasses with the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. The seats and booths are all close to one another, allowing for whiskey inspired secrets and jolly good times with neighboring patrons.

Now, should hunger strike, be it for brunch, dinner or dessert, pull up a menu. Indulge in all the french classics, from crepes to escargots. You can sit in a cozy window booth or outside at a round cafe table to people watch, just like at Les Deux Magots. Voilà, your very own Midnight in Paris in Los Angeles!