Gogosha Optique

You're getting laid tonight. Yes, we're for serious.

Here's a little known fact: A great pair of glasses is the ultimate conversation starter. Of course, you need the right pair for the job.

Julia at Gogosha Optique is going to help you. Rather than letting you try on every frame in the store, Julia has a sixth sense when it comes to matching frames and customers. Call it optical ESP, if you will. Julia and her team will get to know you and your philosophies, then present you with a small selection... wherein you shall find a pair that represents and inspires you. Gogosha only sells one frame in each style, so the one you pick is truly your own.

Nearly all the eyewear at Gogosha Optique is made by independent European designers, such as Thierry Lasry, Anne et Valentin, Claire Goldsmith, Théo, Barton Perreira and Mykita. These brands are not playing by the rules when it comes to design and craftsmanship, so each pair makes a unique statement. When you find the right ones, you may even jump 2 points.

Put your trust in Julia. With your frames, and hell, even with your sex life. Her ocular cupid record stands at just a few seconds after the customer walked out the door.