Gold Bug

Enter a world that is dark, disturbing, eerie...and, dare we say, elegant? Take equal parts of Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Darwin and Alice in Wonderland and you get the treasure chest of enchanting oddities that is Gold Bug in Old Town Pasadena. Featuring an eclectic mix of delicate feminine jewelry, absinthe spoons and steam punk bloomers, you are guaranteed to find statement pieces for your wardrobe or your home. Ever see a grasshopper on a lounge chair with sunglasses and a drink in tentacle? Perhaps you would like a paperweight of a doll head or poisoned apple? Only in your strangest dreams. Music, such as a jewelry box jingle, only pulls you deeper into the wonderfully creepy atmosphere. This is what makes Gold Bug unlike any other shop. Your twisted mind will want to return just to soak it all in.

Note: This store is high end with a lot of delicate objects. Not ideal to bring children.