Introducing Pasta Dalla Forma

Buongiorno, Los Angeles!We are going to have a quick Italian lesson. This is a term that you are going to need to know from now on: "Pasta dalla forma." What is it? Pasta dalla forma is the specialty of a new restaurant, Forma, on Montana. But what does it mean to be "dalla forma"? Selected plates of pasta are prepared in the kitchen. Right before being served, they are brought out to the dining room. Each individual portion is placed in a "forma," a giant cheese wheel, straight from the piping hot pan. You can watch as your spaghetti, risotto or tortellini are coated in melted cheese. The cheesy goodness is then plated and brought to the table. Strangely, this isn't an innovative process. It's an Italian culinary tradition that somehow didn't make it to LA until now. Our advice? Welcome and enjoy the new arrival.