It's Paleta Time!

100 degrees on the thermostat? Enough. It's paleta time.Not the kind from a truck or the supermarket fridge. Forget neon colors and ingredients created in a chemist's laboratory. We prefer icy treats made with natural ingredients, creativity and maybe even a little love. Is that too much to ask? Aaron and Veronica don't seem to think so. The husband and wife opened Artesana, a teeny tiny paleta shop. It is nestled off of Broadway and 8th. Small batches of their paletas are made at a nearby kitchen downtown and then driven over to the shop. Their idea was born from a nostalgic love of authentic, artisanal Mexican ice pops. Staying true to tradition, they keep things fresh by using seasonal fruits and refusing to include colorings or preservatives in their recipes. However, they added their own twist by creating globally-inspired flavors. Some imaginative combinations include spicy mango, cucumber-lemon-mint and Vietnamese coffee. Still, you may want to head there soon because the menu is always changing.