The Los Angeles History You Never Knew

You and Los Angeles. It's a relationship that has had its ups and downs. Sometimes you love her, sometimes you hate her. Like all the best relationships, you get closer when you open up. Has she ever really let you in though? Do you know her original name? We bet you don't. But you have embraced LA with open arms. You've given her all you've got.

Now, it's time to learn her long kept secrets...thanks to Robert Petersen. He scours the city looking for lost Los Angeles history. From the forgotten origins of LA's most iconic sites to the disregarded stories of local heroes. Your neighborhood -- even your street -- probably has something to share. He searches through archives and even uncovers tidbits that aren't available on the Internet (yes, it is possible!). He then puts the pieces together to form a little history lesson in his podcast, The Hidden History of Los Angeles.

Each episode ranges from 5 to 20 minutes with exciting insight into places you walk past every day. You are left with a new fascination with Los Angeles and a sincere connection to the city you never really knew. Get to know her and she is yours.

Photo credit: Justin Sarno