Natural Beauty and Skincare Affair

Queenie Wang Aenons Natural Beauty and SkincareIt's difficult and maybe even a little heartbreaking. It has become chaotic and toxic. This thing is past it's expiration date. Let's be frank, it's just not healthy... Get them out of your life: The cheap. The expired. The toxic.

Do what you want with your lovers. We are talking about your skincare. Beauty products fill your drawers and medicine cabinets. There are half empty creams and toners you haven't used in years. You have to admit, your bathroom is starting to resemble Grey Gardens.

Next time you go to pamper your skin, the experience should be simple and luxurious. A few delicate glass bottles. A relaxing experience with light, calming scents...and not one thought about whether your products are harmful.

Right here in Los Angeles, Queenie Wang created Aenon's, a natural beauty and skincare line for the modern minimalist. Her products contain everything you need, whether you are a man or woman, in 3 gorgeous bottles. Cleanser, toner, face oil. Add-ons include facial masks and a body cleanser. What started as a curiosity over what is in our products turned into a devotion. She researched both traditional herbal remedies and modern skincare practices to create products with natural and effective ingredients. Hibiscus flower? The "Botox plant." Rose Clay? Will purify your pores and exfoliate the dead cells. And if your skin is in need of vitamins and amino acids, you will love their Aloe Facial Cleanser. It's time to start a new affair and it begins in our store.

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