Petrossian Fondue Pots

If you heard about Petrossian's Fondue Pots, there is a good chance that you are now obsessed with the idea of chocolate fondue on Valentine's Day. Everything about the concept will make your heart melt. First, it's a super easy set up. The fondue pots, offered in various flavors*, already are filled with the chocolate. Open up the top and place in the microwave or bain marie to heat up. The pot is made especially to hold heat for up to 45 minutes. Petrossian recommends dipping tiny marshmallows, pieces of biscuit or fresh fruit. When you're done, save that adorable pot with it's handwritten french label so you can remember the night all year. Hearts melting, chocolate's gonna be a the perfect Valentine's Day!

Not in LA? Order online!

*Various flavors available in-store, only milk chocolate is available online.