Play Dress Up With Top Designer Brands

It's official, Gina is our new best friend. The woman is a saint sent from designer heaven. Her passion? Playing dress up. After years as a costumer for the stars, she opened her own designer resale boutique, 3020, in charming Brentwood Village. Now, she wants to play dress up with you. Gina offers a mix of mid-level to top designer brands and vintage pieces...all at ready-to-wear prices. It's a fashion miracle. Shelves are filled with coats, boots, handbags and accessories waiting for a new home. Do a quick browse and you will find McQueen, Pucci, Valentino. Current clients admit that they hesitate to tell friends about the store because the deals are just too good. It's no longer a matter of "saving up" for a special piece, it's about finding the perfect piece for you.

When it comes to high-end designs, buying well-cared-for resale items is a win-win. Besides the reduced price, you are purchasing a piece of art that will continue to gain charm as time passes. That's why the best finds are always in your mother and grandmother's closets. Keep your luxury products in the best condition possible and you will have a little treasure that you will be able to use for years to come.