Treat Yourself With A Spa Rx

Stick out your tongue. Really. Stick it out. Fatigue, stress, skin problems… It's all there, right in your mouth. You never expected to be getting a tongue diagnosis in the center of Beverly Hills. Maaaybe in Malibu. Maybe. But here you are. Today, to treat yourself, you are going to try something new and different. That's why we are introducing you to Mona.

The diagnosis sounds medical, so you squirm. The treatment sounds hippy dippy, so you roll your eyes. But how did she know that you haven't been drinking enough water or that you've been having killer headaches? We won't embarrass you with the other things she now knows about you…

At Vie Healing, located above the famous Jose Eber salon, treatments (think: acupuncture and nutrition planning) are centered around overall wellness and bridging the worlds of Eastern and Western techniques. To your amazement, this "finding a balance" thing is surprisingly luxurious. More like a visit to the spa than a visit to the chiropractor. Mona's expertise is in pain and stress management, wellness and nutrition. She will tailor each treatment to your needs and explain it works. She will answer all your questions. Then, it's time to let Mona do her job. All you have to do is relax. Relax? Doesn't acupuncture involve needles?! Honey, you need to know when to zen.

You pick the scented candle of your choice and lay back under warm sheets in a spa-style room. The lights are dimmed. Mona turns on calming music and begins the treatment. This time is for you. Breathe in. Breathe out. You may even try meditation today.

When the treatment is over, you feel an unfamiliar feeling. Is that…energy? Rejuvenation?! Holy moly, you are actually experiencing revitalization!

Note: If you have insurance, your treatment may be fully covered. You can call or e-mail with your information to find out.