5½ Instagram Photography Tips

We have a new destination for you. It's bright and sunny. It's overflowing with lattes, flowers and desserts. Everything here is fresh and beautiful. You don't have to hop in your car or take a plane to get there. This one is right in your phone.

It's the world of photographer Maguis Sosa, owner and curator of Instagram @melroseplacediaries. Each day, she captures overlooked details of Los Angeles that will make you say, "This is why I love LA."

For the next week, Maguis is taking over @vialosangeles, bringing our two worlds of curiosity and exploration together.

What else?

Maguis shares 5 (and a half) of her best tips for Instagram photography.

1. Use natural lighting whenever possible.

2. Make sure your captions complement your images, but don't give too much working. Images can speak louder than words.

3. When you have detailed or small scale photos, add sharpness in Photoshop to give a crisp, more realistic look.

4. Tell a story, even if you are doing product placement. What inspires you? Nature, people, patterns? Include that.

5. Spread the love. You can use other people's tags to enrich your feed. Instead of using an app, use the hashtag #regram and include their handle. This will give a much cleaner look to your feed.

5½. It should be obvious but -- make sure your subject is in focus!