Brew Ha Ha!

Welcome to Marissa's house. Yes, you and your friends are sitting in the backyard of a stranger's home.

Once a month, Marissa opens her place to neighbors, friends, friends of friends and you. Lights are strung, seats are set out, and a stage is constructed in the back of her Silverlake digs.

Next, meet Marissa's friend Brad. He will be your host for the night. His hearty laughter is infectious.

Together, Brad and Marissa have created a exceptional (and unconventional) night for you: A comedy show drinking game.

More than a hundred people attend each show and everyone knows about the night based on word of mouth. You will adore the electricity in the air and the fresh, underground vibe. This is not your dark, smokey comedy club.

After everyone grabs a beer, Brew Ha Ha's rules are announced from the rooftop by Marissa, the rule master. Audience members must take a swig of beer each time a comedian breaks a rule ("Whenever a comic refers to a romantic relationship" / "Whenever a comic talks about a family member"). Both veteran and newbie comedians perform at Brew Ha Ha, a perfect mix. If you catch a star on the rise, you are going to have the most pretentious story ever:

"I saw him/her perform before he/she was famous at an underground comedy night in someone's backyard in Silverlake."

After each show, you are invited to finish off the beers and join their after party. You have joined the Brew Ha Ha family.

The result: the perfect way to kick start your Friday night…with a dose of uncontrollable laughter.

Entrance and beer are FREE, just donate what you can before leaving.

The location is residential, so we can't post it here! Info is on their Facebook page.