Get Your Film Noir Fix

It happens to you every time you pass the Hollywood sign. You see it in your head: HOLLYWOODLAND.

The symbol of the crime-riddled Los Angeles of the 1940s. Then, everything goes black and white. You're in a film noir movie, cruising Sunset Boulevard. You envision gambling dens where mysterious drifters encounter corrupt policemen. Smoky bars filled with cynical detectives and femme fatales. Your speech overflows with sexual innuendo.

This world of blackmail and conspiracies has an undeniable intrigue, especially living in Los Angeles. But be warned. Too much curiosity could get a good guy into a lotta trouble...

Still game? This April, you can be immersed in that gritty fantasy of film noir -- right in the center of Hollywood. The Egyptian Theater will be showing double features of rarely screened gems alongside some of the usual suspects for their Noir City Festival. You'll see quick tongued sweethearts Bogart and Bacall and that dangerous dame Barbara Stanwyck on the big screen.

Finish the night with a ride along Mullholland Drive or with a martini at the Culver Hotel. Their second floor looks just like the offices of a private eye.