Goorin Brothers

It's the #1 piece of advice that your dermatologist will give you. To keep your skin fresh and youthful, you must stay out of the sun. Yet, when the a golden tan starts luring you under it's rays, wrinkles are the furthest thing from your mind. The prescription? A hat so chic, that it will trump the temptation to lay under the sun.

And instead of a pharmacy, she would send you to Goorin Brothers. They come from a century-old family line of hat makers, who value true craftsmanship. A visit to the shop is a trip into a time when hats were an iconic part of the most fashionable wardrobes. You can just picture old Cassel Goorin selling his custom made hats off of his horse cart in 1895. With all this experience, the Goorin Bros. will surely help pick the perfect hat for you.

How about a glamorous sun hat? The Lucy will make you feel as if you took a jet to Panama, the Loise will transport you to a countryside getaway and the Marina can be paired with your big sunglasses for a Breakfast at Tiffany's look. All the other benefits will just seem like a bonus.