Have A Hot Chocolate Orgasm

Trying a sip of hot chocolate surely isn't a sin. But we found a cup for you that is downright seductive. Close your eyes and lick your lips. Imagine a chocolatey velvet that you can drink. When it touches your tongue, it is rich in flavor like a melted chocolate bar but warm and light as it flows down your throat. In one word: blissful. The place to begin your new affair with cocoa is a tiny cafe in Pasadena. It belongs to Amara. She whips up her preserved 100 year-old Venezuelan recipes mixing the purest of gourmet hot chocolate with spices, espressos and gelato. Then delivered in front of you, in a small, white cup (perhaps accompanied by a churro or two), is the elixir of temptation. It is an aphrodisiac, without question. So you have been warned. Whatever sexy sins you commit after a taste is entirely on you.