Painless Waxing

First, she applies baby powder. Then a warm, gooey wax. You take a breath in. You can do this. A piece of cloth is laid on your skin and she flattens it down. You begin to sweat in anticipation. You close your eyes tightly. Your hands ball into fists as you prepare for the worst… And voila! It's done. Wait. Huh? That's it?

If just the thought of waxing sends chills up your spine, allow us to direct you to Inez at ZENii on Melrose. She has a secret weapon to help you achieve depilatory victory without the pain. She calls it graphite wax and its properties are practically magical. This Australian wax is low temperature so it won't cause burning. It sticks to your hair, not your skin, so it won't cause pulling. Essential oils reduce redness and inflammation. But the most important ingredient is an anesthetic which numbs naturally and subtly.

Before an appointment, you must adhere (ba-dum-chh) to Inez's rules to achieve the perfect waxing experience: No exercise, no heat, no hanky-panky for 24 hours after plan your dates accordingly. Moisturize with coconut oil 7 days before your appointment. Exfoliate 2 days before your appointment.

So it's not a myth. Painless waxing really does exist. Even men can give this one a try. Really.