Revamp Your Taco Tuesday

Híjole! Today is Tuesday. For 9-5ers, it is generally the worst day of the week. Everyone basks in the shared misery of Monday but is fresh from the weekend. Wednesday is hump day -- you're almost there. Thursday is "Friday Eve." Friday? You've arrived.

That is why humanity created Taco Tuesday. A weekly ritual best enjoyed with friends. Didn't you know that guacamole is scientifically proven to lift your spirits?

We are going to tell you how to make Tuesdays the best day of the work week. Add a beer and some trivia to the mix. The night is hosted by Angel City Brewery. A section of the massive brewery has been converted into a fusion of art deco-street fair and family game night. Outside, tacos are grilling and you can add all your favorite toppings. Our tip: The more friends, the merrier, since you will need all the brainpower possible to answer those wacky trivia questions. You can even invite some co-workers to come along. After all, only Tim in HR would know which three states surround Vermont.

Look at the clock. It's barely past 9AM. But we're going to guess that you can already smell the familiar scent of carnitas and tortillas cooking away.