Street Jewelry

You've heard of street art. You've probably heard of street style. Today, we are coining a new term, street jewelry, to describe the work of Ann Samuelsson, creator of Unjaded Jewelry. To the Melrose Trading Post regular, Ann is no stranger. Her booth is a treasure trove of jewelry, each piece completely unique from the others. Perfect for the woman who wants a one and only. Many of Ann's designs are inspired by her fascination with architecture, and have a structural feel.

Then, there is that charming "found object" quality as well. Ann incorporates pieces of broken vintage jewelry and brings them back to life as something new and fresh. When it comes to materials, she gets creative with anything she can get her hands on, whether it be leather and suede or wire and various metals. She says that she loves the idea of carrying a part of nature on your body so she uses a lot of real stones and crystals.

The combination results in a collection that is sophisticated, fanciful and avant garde without the price tag... The perfect definition for "street jewelry". This is jewelry for the people.

Every Sunday, you can find Ann at the Melrose Trading Post in either space L10 or Y2. Customers can inquire about her location at the entrance.