The App That Helps You Avoid Parking Tickets

You checked not once, not twice, but three times, and then confidently decided it was safe to park. An hour later, you're walking back to your car and -- No! It cannot be! A white piece of paper in the windshield! And just like that, you're down $80.

Oh, the things you could have done with that cash...

For long time LA dwellers, but especially newcomers, this is a familiar scenario. Confusing and contradicting parking signs sometimes seem like they need a decoder to decipher. Michael Brouillet came up with an app that does just that.

Park Safe LA is a new app that breaks down street signs so you don't end up with nasty surprise of parking tickets. Just press "Help Me Park My Car" and it will take you step-by-step through what you need to look for on single signs, multi-signs and meters.


Parking Tickets Park Safe LA


Some of the best features include a section on parking myths, such as the once true, "You don't have to fill a meter on Sundays." The next version of the app will include a more extensive guide what to do if you car gets towed. You will be surprised at what the app reveals!