The Ice Cream Contraption

It's November. The days are still hot. And in downtown, miles away from the beach breeze, it is no exception. Drivers are blasting their AC's, students spend the day in the library. And you? You are standing between the skyscrapers looking for sweet relief. Very sweet, indeed. Once upon a time, Edward could be found zig zagging through downtown on a very unique bike. A bike with a small churner attached, making ice cream with each rotation of the pedals. He peddled through the Arts District and Little Tokyo with a dream in his head: To create an ice cream shop with a purpose.

Today, that shop has opened with the name Peddler's Creamery. Inside, there is a marvelous contraption of wheels, gears and handlebars all connected to a much larger ice cream churner than once before. Customers can hop on and churn ice cream themselves for a free scoop. It has helped turn Edward's dream into a reality by reducing the footprint of his store on the earth. Every detail is considered with the best intentions: biodegradable containers, vegan options and 5% of profits going to social and environmental causes.

Now you can have your ice cream and eat it too. Absolutely delicious and 100% guiltless.