Cafe Chez Marie

“Psst! Psst!” We’re going to tell you about a gem that has been hiding under your nose for years! Sitting quietly on Santa Monica Boulevard is a French country cottage, home of restaurant Cafe Chez Marie. Be transported from your bustling city life to the peaceful french countryside. Set your feet from the sidewalk onto the stone path and you will be lead to an assemblage of bistro chairs, round outdoor café tables and flowers sitting charmingly in green Perrier bottles. Order a bottle of wine or even a beer. Ahh, a glass of wine in the early afternoon. Have you ever tried it? Absolutely wonderful…It makes you feel like you have a little secret. Then, what to order? We recommend starting with either the Couscous or Mango and Roasted Beet Salads. You can enjoy your meal sitting outside on the sunny patio, inside by the stone fireplace or even upstairs in a private room looking over the courtyard. The warmth that emanates from this spot is thanks to owners Marie and Stephen Saltzman, who take great care in welcoming patrons. Their personal touch on every element of Cafe Chez Marie is what makes it so special…and quite frankly, a little bit magical.